Want to Help?

“Many have mentioned   What can we do?”  Here are some current areas we can use help with!

#    We need 2 people we can train on Audio / Visual.

#    We need a mens small group leader.

#    We need encouragers.  People that would be willing to team up with one person that is expressing they would like a friend to keep in regular touch monthly to check in, listen, simply be a friend and offer with words of encouragement, pray, and relay any needs.

#    We could use someone that would like to make a tic-toc page for us and plug in expressions of God from our church.

#    We could use someone to offer constant insights on how to enhance our online presence that will engage younger families today.

#    We could use someone to help our Pastor with a way to engage and help our community in the area of depression/despair/suicide.

#    We could use someone who has a desire to help our church be prepared to help our community in the area of disaster preparedness.

#    We could use someone to pray for God to reveal new and creative ways to do outreach for our community, do research on our community and also see what other churches are doing in new and creative ways.