Current Series

“One of the things I learned from my sabbatical was God telling me “slow down”.  Not that the sense of urgency that I had had up through 2018 was bad, but that this year, He wanted me to put more things into His hands and let more things happen in His timing.  To do less pushing and pulling and more encouraging and supporting.  And for myself, to simply enjoy being in His presence, which for many of us, is counter human.  We like to be either busy or lazy, when God wants us somewhere in the middle.  All this to say that one area that I had always put a lot of work into was message series.  And God seemed to really prompt that this year, that wasn’t needed and to let each book speak on it’s own. There may be moments when God may change that emphasis from time to time (I’ll never put Him in a box).  But for now, we are rolling with it and going from one end of the Bible to the other.  And, we’re enjoying it!  We hope you do too. – Pastor Jim”