Current Series
Church Rise   Matthew 10
Beginning July 18.
“This is Pastor Jim.  Thank you for taking a moment to read about our current series.  As I have watched the current climate, I believe that people are sensing how weak their faith seems to be and are sensing a deep need to figure out who God is.  I believe people will be coming to the local church to find out.  But, is the church prepared?  I feel God is directing me to help develop the health of the church and the focus of the church so it can meet the needs of those walking through its doors.  So, I am focusing 7 weeks on building the strength of the church from Matthew 10.  Here is a short preview.  In the first verse, it says Jesus gave the disciples authority.   I think the church actually feels pretty weak right now.  We may have strengths, but they are often misfocused, which leaves us weak in the areas we need to be strong.  This is just the first of 7 messages focusing on building various strengths of Gods people.  Maybe you don’t know God or know much about God.  But, I believe even listening to this focus on the strength and direction God gives His people will likely help you to understand Him as well.  Pastor Jim”