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“Ever know someone that’s OCD? I actually go into the sanctuary often and put the chairs back into place. I’m constantly aware of things that probably don’t look so good to a visitor or would help them navigate the weirdness of church.

What if we can’t hold a candle to the One who’s most OCD? Our great God. Isn’t He perfect? So, when he sees us doing things that we could be doing so much easier that He’s given us great instruction to do, I think it would be justifiable for him to be rolling His eyes at us constantly. We know He doesn’t, because He knows how we are and besides that, He has amazing grace.

This series is about helping us to live easier in basic foundational areas. From communication, to personality differences, to finances, to sex and relationships, to raising our kids to spiritual beliefs and entertainment. Fun is important!

My prayer is that this series will give you simple yet life shifting takeaways to positively effect your life, and basically, make it easier in this 8 week series. Pastor Jim”