Current Series

“As we ponder looking ahead to 2022, it can certainly seem “looming”. But, we take comfort in the One who knew ahead of time everything that is to come, and He has not, nor will ever, relinquish His throne. He always extends His hand to help keep our heads on straight and our hearts soft. Though we say “God is with us”, we humanly have doubts and fears. But He gently reminds us that with Him, our load is lightened. There will always be work, there always has been, we simply need the help, and that is what He is for. Philippians 3:14 mentions ” I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

3 things about this simple yet profound passage, which will be one of many we will be sharing:

# God calls us to set goals. Its what we read.

# Gods goals always carry a reward. In this case, a clear reference to heaven.

# Gods goals are His goals, which means it requires His help. It says “In Christ” not, “on your own”. But, we tend to do them on our own. We like priding ourselves on individuality and self accomplishment. When we start getting discouraged, its usually because we are refraining from His help. This happens often when we dwindle in prayer, community, or purity. As we “press on” towards 2022, we look to God to flourish individually as well as corporately. We welcome you to join us as God hands us His encouragements from the great book of Philippians.”