“How is your faith? Do you feel distant from God? Or that your faith is just depleted or really weak right now? Are wondering if you even have faith at all? The main ways to increase your faith are consistent prayer, time in the scriptures, and time in fellowship and worship with God’s people. But, there is another area that is so simple that we can forget, and that is to exercise our faith. James 2:26 says “faith without works is dead”. So, how else can we build our faith? Through our works.
You might fail to realize what Jesus is actually saying in revelation 3:16. Jesus is absolutely against us having a lifeless life. A purposeless life. A flavorless life. His whole purpose was that through His death, we might have a very new and vibrant life. So, Jesus gets very direct on this, and He has every right to. Otherwise, what was the whole purpose of Him going to the cross for us? And, he went through a whole lot on that cross!
Christianity isn’t a works based religion. All or at least most others are. We lean heavily and daily on God’s grace. But, God has much to say through the practicality of our works that is meant to spur us on, and even re-ignites, and build our faith. We hope you join us this October and November in our series SPIT, as we pray in Jesus name that our faith grows in the lifeless areas of our life.”
-Pastor Jim