Leadership Teams


Our Church Body IS a team.

            We at Wichita believe that every person has a place to help that fits their unique giftings, and we are commanded to use those giftings.  As such, we have an extremely high percentage of our church body serving a vast arena of opportunities and service.

Pastoral Team
Pastor Jim Dahrens          Lead Pastor
Pastor Jeff Totten             Assistant Pastor
Pastor Doug Drysdale      Pastor Emeritus 

Leadership Team

            The Leadership team works as the spiritual leadership of the church.  The Leadership Team works to bring unity and help with relational dynamics of the church.  They also works to set the drive and vision of the church.  We do this through prayer, growing our church spiritually, and community outreach planning.

Council Team

            The Council Team is in charge of the general administrative and sub ministries of the church.  Our council is also in charge of making budgetary decisions.

Trustee Team

            The Trustee Team looks over the general upkeep and maintenance of the church facility.

Worship Team

            The worship team seeks to usher God’s presence through the atmosphere of music during our Sunday morning services.

Youth Team

            Our youth team seeks to bring great connections among our youth and to connect our youth with our church body.  We do this through providing safe, fun and biblical teaching through weekly gatherings and monthly events.

Mens Ministries and Womens Ministries teams.

            Our Men’s and Women’s ministries team seeks to connect our men and women in better ways through special events and weekly study.  Currently both groups meet on Zoom.  Link available on request.



Prayer Teams.

            We believe that our prayers are at the core of the power we have in doing anything for Jesus.  We have 2 Prayer groups. The Thursdays group meets to Thursday on Zoom pray for our people, and pray over the vision of our church.
Our Prayer chain prays for specific request.   If you would like to submit a request please fill out a Connection form 

Administrative Team.

            Our administrative team members work together to handle the details of what our ministries need help with.  Where would the church be without them.