We have 3 main focuses.  Prayer.  Leadership delegation, and connectivity.  As a church, we’ve realized that far too often, people have said the same thing; “Your church is so loving and friendly”, only to see them quit coming 3-6 months later.  Why?  Do we have great people?  Yes.  Do we have great Sunday mornings?  Yes.  But, we didn’t connect with them.
There are 2 things you will be asked if you start looking at Wichita as a potential church home; “Where would you like to serve?” and “Can we connect with you?”  We will never have anyone have the excuse, if they decide to look for a different church, for whatever reason, that “I was gone, and no one reached out to me.” 
Sunday mornings aren’t intimate.  And honestly, often our small groups aren’t as intimate as needed.  What we need are deep friendships where we can be transparent, share our hearts, share our hurts, and share our dreams.
In 2022 we began what we are calling our “one-on-one” ministry, where any of our regulars are invited to reach out to new people and those on the fringe, and just go out for coffee and share life.  Honestly, this is discipleship 101.  Developing trust in relationship is where any discipleship begins.  We don’t just learn about Jesus on Sunday mornings, we learn about Jesus in being with each other.  We need friends.  Would you like a friend to get together with?  Just let us know.  We do this organically with very little structure.  We hope you’ll join us.