Current Messages

This is Pastor Jim.  I want to thank you for taking a moment to read about our emphasis for our Sunday messages.  I have done many message series and, I think there is great value in having certain themes to preach on, and we may get back to that.  One challenge often with message themes though is that you have to find passages to support the theme or series, as opposed to simply reading the passage to hear what the Holy Spirit is really wanting to say.  I have had the sense that God really wants us to simply open His word and let Him speak what He may as we move through His word.  We started this last year and began in Genesis.  We have already gone through several books of the bible.  One book many preachers do not find joy in preaching through is the book of Leviticus.  But can I just say that Leviticus opened us up to so very powerful and moving truths about God.  One, is simply that God wants us all to come to Him as we are.  He helps us, moves us, and changes us, but He doesn’t want any of us to feel we aren’t worthy to come to Him.  Through the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf, we can have a very deep relationship with Him, and He gives us all the worth we need.  So we encourage you to come and simply let the Holy Spirit speak to you where you are and hear the hope and direction He longs to give.  He has hope and a unique and powerful plan for each of us.  You aren’t alone.  When you come to Wichita Avenue Evangelical, I think you will find you are a part of our family, God’s family.  Pastor Jim