“The Spirit of God is moving us to ask for the Spirit of God to move.  We have many great ministries, a tremendous history, and a primary vision for 2023, but we believe we always need to begin with prayer first.  Our church has always been big on prayer, but we are renewing that commitment by devoting the first Sunday night of each month to prayer and asking God to move in our church and in our hearts in 2023.  Zechariah 4:6 mentions “The word of the Lord came to me.. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says The Lord.”   We believe we are on the right track.  But, we also believe that without prayer, we may have a mission and the weaponry, but we are going into battle without our armor.  I.e., naked.  We need the Lord’s covering.  These Sunday nights primary focus is on the movement of God in our church.  But, we also incorporate personal requests, anointing for healing, and have a time of communion.  You are most welcome to join us.  6pm.  The first Sunday night of the month.”