October Sabbath

“For better or worse, social media is with us.  We should all be using it for good.  There is so much that social media is helpful for.  Our church uses it extensively.  But even good things sometimes need a breather.  Our church will be halting all online media encouragements, except for our Sunday morning services for the month of October to focus on God and show our ultimate reliance on Him.  That’s actually what the sabbath was originally intended for.  God’s people would hold back on the various things of the regular work week, including work, various types of foods, and activities, to show God they were fully devoted to Him.  It was a sacrifice.  It was an obedience.

Fasting is much the same way but usually with a certain focus, honestly, to get Gods attention.  A sacrifice of something good or meaningful, submitted to God, that He might hear our prayers and act.  In a way, this is what we are doing.  Taking the time, a fast, during the month of October, to fast from social media and just show an extra special devotion to God.  And not just our church platforms, but all of our church body.  We are not being legalistic on this.  If we have people that feel the need to keep engaged on social media, which is up to them individually. 
If you would like, pray and ask God if he would have you take a break?  Would you be willing to tell Him, in this way, that you are reliant on Him?  And maybe not the affirmations that social media can give?  That is one reason why it may be good to take a time away from social media.  Another would be that although there can be good there, often getting there, and scrolling past others posts which can tweak us or frustrate us, isn’t good.  Social media is great for connections, information, and marketing, but it can also be pretty addictive and even destructive.  You may use social media to see how your families are doing.  But, maybe for this month, we could actually use our phones and talk if we need those connections or send pictures via text.  We want to let God build some health mentally and emotionally by submitting this area of interaction for one month for Him to speak.  For Him to act.  For Him to bring some mental or emotional health, even if we don’t feel we need it.  You may not be on social media.  You can pick something else.  TV?  Food?  It’s up to you.

Joel 2:12-14 mentions “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning. “Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity. Who knows? He may turn and relent and leave behind a blessing—grain offerings and drink offerings for the Lord your God.”