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Our Story

We are a people that love Jesus Christ.  We follow and teach His word as a way of life.  We love others and seek to show God’s love to everyone.  All who visit have a similar comment, “you can feel the love of God in the people.” If you visit, we are sure you will sense the same. We are a holiness driven church. This means that we aren’t trying to be perfect, but we yield ourselves to the work of God in us and in our lives. We welcome you! 

Our Beliefs


We believe that Jesus, God’s only Son, with the empowering of The Holy Spirit is our salvation. The foundational history of all of God’s work through the church can be found in the Holy Bible. For the scriptural basis, structure, and history of our church, we encourage you to glance at the first two chapters of the discipline of the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church at