“As our lives have been reset by the virus, our focus isn’t on the virus but what God is doing in the midst of it.  God wants us to know that He loves us dearly and He is at work!  Don’t lose sight of that.  Nothing is more pertinent now than our personal relationship with Him.  This series will be a new way to look at our past, our present and our future.  Our lives have been put on hold in a new way.  But as most of you are encountering, you’re not just sitting still, but I am hoping, that you are looking at how to make the best of it in new ways.  Keep God close.  Know that He is in constant transformation mode.  Ups and downs in the world is no new thing to Him.  Let’s come out of this better!  Because we will come through this.  Do you want to see how He is evolving your life into new potential?  I truly hope so.  It’s what I am seeing through so many of you.  Seeking new ways to help, new ways to encourage, and new ways to seek the heart of the God who loves you.  I invite you to enjoy this series and draw near to The Savior in new and powerful ways.  Pastor Jim”