Carol and I had frankly admitted to each other that unless God broke through, the Brooklyn Tabernacle was doomed. We couldn’t finesse it along. We couldn’t organize and market and program our way out. The embarrassing truth was that sometimes even I didn’t want to show up for a service-that’s how bad it was. We had to have a visitation of the Holy Spirit, or bust.”  

– Jim Cymbala, Brooklyn Tabernacle.  “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.” p.24-25

Are there good things going on at Wichita. Yes. We have strengths. We have a faithful church family. Our budget is covered. I am getting a salary. We have friendly people. We have engaged in community outreach and even have the community asking for our help more. We are helping people. We will continue the great things we have learned through the church turnaround program and it’s emphasis on reaching and discipling others as the great commission calls us to. We have upcoming concerts and Bbq’s. We have visitors virtually every Sunday. But the truth is, we aren’t connecting and discipling those visitors. And for all our strategies and focus on first impressions and updating and great worship and programs and preaching, we have found that although important and those things help, none of those things is saving this church. There is only one thing that will save Wichita, and that is a great move of the Holy Spirit. And that will only happen by our church humbly coming together and praying together desperately and asking God for His help.
We are taking the prime time of our church, the time of Sunday morning preaching, and devoting it to a time of calling on God as a church family for His help, that He might change our hearts as needed and revive us for His use so that we can start reaching our community. This is our focus until God gives us a sign to change. If a people call on God desperately, ask for any forgiveness needed and make any changes needed, He has been 100% faithful to answer in mighty ways.
– Pastor Jim, Wichita Avenue Evangelical Church..